I’m only sharing tweets for those who are not on twitter and can’t see how passionate and outraged journalists are as they tweet from #Ferguson.

If you are on Twitter, here’s a good roster of people to follow if you want to keep updated.

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I just want fic where Ersken and Kora run around Corus being badass and super sweet together.

And maybe a whole book where one of Aly’s or Alan’s or Thom’s kids can speak with the dead and the dust spinners, or has a knack for using other peoples’ magics.

And a one-shot of George’s reaction when…


Song of the lioness/ lady knight headcanon

Kel is surprised to find a small, plain statue of herself in the palace gardens, the year she comes to Corus to pick a squire. Raoul says it’s technically because she stopped the killing devices. Kel wonders, though, if it doesn’t have to do with her old knight master’s joke, and the fact that she unhorsed Lord Wyldon in a joust three months back.

Alanna also has a statue in the gardens. But she rarely visits it, even avoiding the gardens entirely to keep away from it. Showing her as she was after first defeating Roger, with her short hair and bound chest, the statue is lifelike…but not like her. It is too stoic, too stone, and to much like Thom.






#molly hooper is the best companion #she wouldn’t even run off

“Molly, why are you still here?”

“You… you told me not to wander off.”

“Oh. Well. That’s strange. I mean, usually I tell them not to wander off, but they never actually listen. Are you sure you’re human?”


I had no idea how much I needed that til now.



imagine her telling the doctor


imagine his face

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okay, so i know i’ve never really made a post like this before, but i’m gonna try my best. please read until the end!
so lately in my free time i’ve been drawing designs for pokemon tshirts. i started doing it for fun and just to make some spare cash here and there. i’ve been using to print and sell my shirts. each shirt on the website costs $20, and every $5 of each of shirt that sells goes straight to me. but i found out something that really sparked my interest while reading the website’s faq.

"If your designs’ sales reach $10,000 by the end of 2014, we’ll pay you $10,000. Yep, you read that right. Ten-thousand big ones."

i read that and i just got. so. happy. ten thousand dollars. that’s ten thousand dollars that can go straight to my bank account. it can go towards my future, it can go towards moving out after i graduate, paying for a car, going to college, getting an apartment, anything like that. there is so much i could do with that kind of money, and to think i could earn it just by selling tshirts in my spare time?? i thought it was definitely an opportunity that i didn’t want to pass up.
i quickly did the calculations to see how many shirts i would need to sell in order for my shirt sales to reach $10,000. 10,000 ÷ 20 ($20 a shirt) = 500.

i’d have to sell 500 shirts by the end of 2014 in order to get the ten thousand dollars.
and it gets better. by selling the 500 shirts, i’d still be getting my 5-dollar-per-shirt profit. so that’s 2,500 dollars more that i could raise. (500 × 5 = 2,500) i could make a total of 12,500 dollars just from selling pokemon shirts on the internet. that amazes me to think about really. 
the problem is, even with all the publicity my shirts have gotten so far, i’ve still only sold seven shirts so far. 2014 ends in four months from now, so i only have five months to sell 493 more shirts. i understand that a lot of people might not be able to afford it, don’t like buying things online, or just might not even be interested in my designs. and i understand completely! but if every other person who read this post could afford to spare 20 bucks towards ordering a shirt, i’d be able to sell 500 shirts in no time! it’s a long shot, but it’s definitely possible. but i would need your help and cooperation if you’re willing to give me it. like i said, i understand if you aren’t interested in buying my shirts or can’t! all i ask out of you guys is that if you don’t plan on ordering a shirt, please signal boost this post. because who knows, maybe some of your followers who see it might be interested! i know i’m just a random person on the internet, and i know it’s a lot to ask, but it’d really be helping so much.

a lot of you are probably thinking, “well, what do i get out of it?” well, for one, you get a pretty rad pokemon shirt! i already have a few designs available, and i’m constantly making new ones. (you can even send me an ask and suggest some pokemon if you want!) and you also get the satisfaction of knowing you helped a broke high school student raise over twelve thousand dollars for her future, so that’s kinda cool too.

i think i’ve rambled on enough, you guys probably get the idea by now.
i’ll end this post with the link to my store if you’re interested in helping me out! and like i said, if you can’t order a shirt, please at least reblog and help spread the word if you can! thank you all so much for reading, and thank you a million times in advance if you order a shirt. (if you want to show me pictures of your shirt once you get it, tag it #jennifersshirts so i can see it and give you a proper thank you!! plus i’d love to see all you cuties rocking my designs tbh??)
and lastly, sorry for the really lengthy post. if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me about them. ♥



okay but when you have holocaust survivors and people who were activists during the civil rights movement supporting mike brown and then KKK members and neo nazi’s supporting the officer you should be able to figure out which side is the right one.

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Beka Cooper Headcanon



Goodwin being asked to help Beka’s sisters with Beka’s wedding dress.

Goodwin embroidering a length of ribbon to trim the bodice

Flowers, for new life, for a prosperous home, for luck.

It’s not until she’s finished the pattern twice over that she realizes she’s been stitching very familiar flowers.

Fingernail-sized roses.









red shirts, defense against the dark arts teachers, night vale interns

anyone who associates with odysseus

girls who sleep with sam

sean bean


Shows’ writing quality  during a Steven Moffat era

Mothers/Fathers in classic animated Disney movies




Seriously guys, please spread the word about this petition.

SIGN THIS because:

• cops think that Mike Brown’s life was worth less than the $3 candy bar he supposedly stole
• one white person can cry about a cop killing their dog and get a law passed requiring officers to undergo additional training to handle dogs
• but every 28 hours a black person is killed by police
• and yet at least one million dissenting voices will be required to be heard by the US government

signed and reblogged. please pass this along. we are not a police state, we are not a regime, we need to act like the country our ancestors, in blood or in spirit, fought for, died for. a land of freedom and peace and hope. a land without fear of those who swore oaths to protect us. a land were all life has merit and weight. Please, for the mothers who have lost children, for the children who have lost fathers, for the sisters and brothers who have lost siblings, for the friends who have lost friends, for the world who has lost—so much.
sign, pass it on, get this to those who can do something to change the world we live in.

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LITERALLY how can this petition possibly still be struggling to break 70k signatures?? are you against more measures to keep cops from killing black people in the streets? in their own homes? please signal boost this petition to all your social media sites.

you can sign from any country in the world btw it’s not USA exclusive. get on this please.

Please. sign this. Please.

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